Up to 40% of home heating and cooling energy loss occurs via your windows.

Using Wilson Fabrics for blockout curtains or blinds can help insulate your home, saving you money in heating and cooling and the energy savings can also assist in reducing greenhouse gas emissions associated with energy production.

Insulation is measured as an R value. As illustrated in the table to the right, the most effective window furnishing option is drapes with pelmets as this contributes to a 220% improvement in the R value. The insulation value of a window covered with drapes with a pelmet is comparable to an uninsulated wall, making this an extremely energy efficient solution for windows. 

Wilson Fabrics has a vast array of blockout drapery and blind fabrics to choose from to make a stylish and energy efficient solution for windows.

Energy saving - 220% improvement in insulation: R-value
Keeps the sun out during summer
Keeps the heat in during winter
Acoustic/Noise Reduction
Blocks out the light

Figures mentioned sourced from: Energy Savings for Windows, www.nabers.com.au” & Associated of Building Sustainability Assessors – WFA Magazine, issue 13.