1. Fabric :

For cut length orders for a specific metreage for curtains, it would be helpful if you would supply the lengths or drops required. Always make an appropriate allowance for additional fabric for pattern repeats.
Please Note fabric minimum order 1 metre; orders can only be accepted to 0.1 of a metre thereafter.


Every care is taken with your order. However, in all cases to ensure the goods meet your requirements, you should immediately check on their arrival and BEFORE CUTTING that: • Correct products have been received
• Colour is correct
• Quality and quantity are as ordered
Please Note Colour variation can occur from uncoated to 1 pass and blockout coating.
Product Liability
The responsibility for ensuring the product is checked before cutting as described above remains that of the purchaser, even when the goods are delivered on the purchaser’s instructions to another company or individual.
All goods are sold on the understanding that our liability for any defects is limited to a sum not exceeding the invoice price.


Cancellation of orders is only permissible before goods are packed. A cancellation authorisation number will be given to you at the time of cancelling by Customer Service.